Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rants and loose ends

We live in strange, heavy times. Very strange, very heavy times.

Our culture is reaching a surreal transformation. The population is split in two over gay rights, which is ridiculous considering we maintain the rhetoric of 'equality for everyone'. Once we finally accept gays, what'll be the next target? There will always be another target.

Equal opportunity, right. Mexicans and other latin american immigrants are treated worse than dirt by employers and the community at large. Its kind of disgusting, because it doesn't nearly receive the same amount of attention as the gay rights movement. There's always another group.

I feel like computers are dumbing down the college educated. How many people use Wikipedia as a clean source of information? Why do we anyways? Well, its easy. People like easy. Because its quick. Quick is good.

Bringing me to another point - teachers are too relaxed with students. I feel that teachers should be more strict, harsh, mean, and to the point. Because there is such an increase in the 'lazy' generation, lazy because we are the first generation bred by the mass-market of household computers. We expect it easy, and weirdly enough, we get it easy.

Overpopulation is repulsive, and it just keeps getting worse. The planet is wrecking havoc. My friend said it best 'This planet is having a really hard time dealing with so many freaking people destroying the earth's skin. Why don't people see it? The world is trying to keep our numbers in check. You can't fight nature. Nature will always win'. This is true, dude.

First black president, racism will still exist but with such a positive black role model maybe the very foundations of racism will finally shake to its core.

Sexism, however, is a different story. It seems that America is one of the most sexist western nations I've ever studied. It is indirect, which makes it further problematic. Turn on the TV, all cleaning-product and domestic commercials always have a woman, whereas food commercials and technological commercials focus on men. The news is even harder to watch, all of the reporters are young, beautiful, thin women whereas the male reports are allowed to age. They are, in some ways, more realistic. Women are not one dimensional, and I'm getting tired that the nation keeps buying the sexist product.

Just a rant.

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Sam White said...

I liked your rants because, unfortunately, I could relate to them quite well. I was especially intrigued by the one about teachers and students, maybe because it is "close to home." If teachers don't make students work hard and prepare them for the "real world," it will be interesting to see what the real world is like when these lazy students are in charge... of course, that is if there is still a world by then.