Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter term projects.

A quick bloggy blog blog update before I get to work.

So, first project:
Bob Dylan vs The Beatles

I need to clean up the heirarchy and he is good to rock and roll.

Second, DiY poster series:

I think the most fun I had doing this was telling all my friends to act like they were screaming, and making the pinhole camera out of a juice box.

Third, Rock Magazine (which is only 80% finished)

I am very proud of how my Zach Condon spread turned out.

Apart from projects, I'm trying to schedule a time to talk to Walton Fosque, one of the more difficult teachers at PSU. From what I've heard, about a third of the Graphic Design students change their majors because of him.

So I figured, "HEY! I would LOVE to talk to this dude."

I'll probably have to gather my self esteem at the door afterwards, but I'm trying to get to know all of the teachers very personally before I graduate.

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Matthewvern said...

This shit can't keep happening to us. Where have you been?