Sunday, February 15, 2009


McKenzie is an amazing boyfriend. He commissioned a wonderful picture of me as Katara riding a mighty Appa through the winds of change. It was an excellent Valentine's gift. He also bought me an awesome Owl shirt (of which I am still wearing), a cool Zelda chest, an owl key, earrings, and other lovely assorted treats.

Anyways, I desperately need to update my website. But before I do (probably next week. Maybe...), I figured I'd share all of my current projects.

The thinking man statue - Black & White, Flat Color, Gradient blend, and Photoshop. All packaged nicely on a PDF. Still waiting for a final critique by Tim Bergmann before I finish the damn thing and call it done!
Thinking Man Photoshop
- All images are mine, kthnx!!!

NUMBER 2:: OMG CUTE ANIMAL STAMPS! Haven't included the font yet, but I will! Each animal represents a region of the united states. That, and they are farking cute. Who wouldn't want to send mail with these?

Doing a Lord of the Flies book cover in my InDesign class with Briar Levit. I decided to do something a bit unique by making a double-sided book cover, so you can flip the cover depending on which cover you want! Here are the images of my work in progress.

Making a cardboard fold-out chair and night-stand for portfolio day. This is something I've put back for a while now, so I really should get down and dirty later tonight whether I like it or not.

Anyways, I'll be sure to keep updating with future projects and what have yous as I go on and when I have time.

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