Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I <= could just cry.

My day actually started lastnight from 12pm - 3pm -> doing final revisions on my Stamp Project and my Book Jacket project.

I woke up at 9am, hauling butt to the computer labs to print out my cover and stamps. Found out the font face did NOT transfer with the InDesign packaging. (cry)

Went to work at 10am, managed to get out thirty minutes early so I could rush to the computer labs and try again with an updated version. Meanwhile I am making a comic for the vanguard and finishing the stamp booklette's cover.

Bad News Bears - sorry students but one of our machines is broken, and there is a waiting list of two hours for the other one.


Go to class almost two hours late because of waiting in line for a print that NEVER HAPPENED, get right out to see the Grass Roots Hut lecture (t'was lovely), and run back to the labs to do the print again.

Only to find out I lost my memory card.


Its alright. My instructor, Briar Levit, was very VERY understanding.

Guh. This is all my freaking fault for going WAY OVERBOARD on ALL of my projects. "Make stamps? Oh boy, I'll just make a book! Yeah! And add six more hours of work! Totally!"
"Make a book jacket? Oh boy, I'll do a double sided book jacket! Yeah! And add two days of work! I am so smart."
"Make four renderings of an object..? I'll just be stupid and slave away at the human anatomy! YEAH! Because EVERYONE knows that creating a vector of the human body is the BEST IDEA EVER."
"3-D project out of similar materials using repetition? OH BOY! I'll make a functioning folding chair! Better yet, let us make it out of cardboard even though I have NEVER worked with cardboard before nor have I ever made a piece of functioning furniture in my entire life! :D"

me <---- stupid stupid stupid.

Oh well. All this will pay off with teachers and my portfolio. :D