Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 3 Monday abstract art

Late entry, I know. And out of order, as I have not yet posted Week 2 Wednesday's illustrations.

These are the art pieces I did for Week 3, Monday's abstract art.

Luke asked the class to work with four colors and text. For this piece, I sort of just messed around drawing letters into a massive monster.

I find him cute.

The next piece I don't particularly care for. I went into Illustrator and created a few snowflakes out of the letter J.

Its kind of pretty on the computer screen. It prints terribly, however.

For the last piece, I loved the concept of drawing someone who happens to be talking far too much.

Luke suggested she lost her power when her eyes were closed. Here was the experiment.

All of these illustrations were done on the computer. I prefer working traditionally, but I was willing to give myself a challenge this week around.

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