Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 3 Wednesday Abstract Art

Last time to do three posters! Woohoo. I'm going to rest easy for a while so I can focus on larger projects. I look forward to the upcoming Oscar Wilde book. I'm very excited about illustrating.

Anyways, here are the last two posters.

I decided to take what we learned about design, space, color, and text and try to apply those elements into my usual style of art. That and I was tired of investigating. I just wanted to draw for fun.

This is actually cut out like a comic chat-box, you can see the faint outline. I took the idea from the last drawing I did and implemented it into this. I'll probably keep experimenting with the speech-box and pile of letters. I love the idea and I'm not entirely satisfied with projecting it yet.


And I leave you with an illustration by my boyfriend. I feel like this right now.

But heeey! Weekend time! I'm going to rest! YAH!!!!!

1 comment:

CatBailey said...

I really like your style. Your use of line is visually grabbing. I like that you incorporate the figure into your work, while maintaining a graphic visual sense. Great work! I can't wait to see your illustrations for the book.