Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Beauty of Youth

Beauty of Youth.

Beauty has as many meanings as man has moods.
Beauty is the symbol of symbols.
Beauty reveals everything, because it expresses nothing.
When it shows us itself, it shows us the whole fiery-colored world. - Oscar Wilde on Beauty

Here are the illustrations I did for our Beauty of Youth book in Design with Luke - Art 118.

I combined a magazine advertisement with an illustration I did of a nude woman wearing the chador. Despite faith, religion, personal decision, privacy, etc. we are all sexual beings - even those who appear chaste or modest. We are all sexual beings. The modern, western conventions of beauty and youth can be quickly dismissed by other cultures.

We talked about Oscar Wilde's use of nature when he talked about beauty, so I decided to expand upon nature's relationship with the universe, and our relationship with both. Beautiful universe. Combined a magazine with pen-color illustrations, and chalk-jellyfish.

Che Whatever. A bloody revolutionary. Youth and Beauty is worshipped, even when corrupt. Its a major piece of inspiration. A picture also seems to capture the moment, and its something difficult to forget - even when the figure is replaced by someone else. In many ways, I think it still evokes the same familiar feelings.

A more conventional image of beauty and youth by contrasting a grandmother with her granddaughter.

Dreams. Reflections. Aspirations. Want. Aspects of what makes something beautiful and youthful. The defining principle of these characteristics seems to be one thing - Desire.

Self Portrait. My relationship with youth and beauty is that I can create it if I so choose to. What I see as beautiful and youthful is captured by my pen. So I drew myself as what I perceived to be beauty and youth. Artists have a history of immortalizing themselves as young and beautiful when they are in fact quite old and decrepit.

With every life, another passes away, persistently reminding us that youth and beauty is a fleeting principle. The people that pass away can often tie us to their memories, and the people that we love are often tied as well.


Creation and abstraction. Nature synthesized with humanity.

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